STAR Pickling Dip Liquid

STAR Pickling Dip Liquid

STAR™ Dip Pickling Passivation Liquid

STAR™ Dip comes in liquid form and is used in cleaning complicated and non-reachable areas of SS components such as external and internal of pipes, wire rolls, and internal recessed areas of machinery. Parts of heavy machineries are dipped in huge tanks using chain pulley or circulation system for de-scaling and cleaning of pipelines. STAR™ Dip is circulated inside pipelines with the help of pumps.

Application Process
  1. Remove dirt and oil using STAR 100 degreaser. Add 50-75 gm/litres in water (1kg STAR 100 in 15-20 litres water), stir and dissolve. Apply liquid STAR100 Degreaser onto the surface for 5-10 minutes. Then rinse the surface area thoroughly with water.

  2. Just dip the objects (SS components) in the STAR  Dip tank. Use plastic tank in the process time only.

  3. Leave them for 5-20 minutes, depending on SS type and internal condition of SS parts & thickness of the scale. Then rinse the surface thoroughly with water.

  4. Apply STAR Passivation (STAR Pass 1) on the surface & leave it for 15 minutes. This will prevent from further contamination and corrosion.

  5. Remove and rinse the objects thoroughly with high pressure water.